February 2015
  K-Bro is the largest provider of laundry and linen services to hotels in Canada – currently servicing over 30 properties. With over 25 years of experience serving this industry, we have gained plenty of valuable knowledge and expertise. Our years of experience have enabled us to identify the priorities that vary from tourist class hotels to some of the finest in the country. We appreciate the important role quality linen plays in meeting guest expectations so depending on your requirements, be it room linen, food and beverage linen or staff uniforms, you will receive a linen service program tailored to your needs.

As part our commitment to high quality service include, K-Bro will:

  • Visit your property on a regular basis to develop a customized linen service program based on a solid understanding of your requirements.
  • Train our employees in all aspects of customer service to ensure consistent quality and reliability to suit your needs.
  • Provide flexible services and programs for any size of operation. Clients may begin with basic laundry service and expand their program when necessary.
  • Assist with linen purchasing to help reduce linen replacement costs.
  • Design and monitor inventory and purchasing systems to help clients control losses and costs. Billing methods vary with individual client's requirements.
  • Provide customized delivery schedules offering year-round service during hours you specify for the least disruption to guests and staff, including cart delivery to designated areas/floors if desired.
  • Provide dedicated Customer Service Representatives (CSRs) who will visit your hotel on a regular basis and report back customer issues.

We are committed to achieving excellence in our business and by working with K-Bro to customize your program, your hotel will achieve all of its laundry and linen objectives.