February 2015

While we may like to draw attention to our reputation as the best in our industry, we're quick to acknowledge it's really our people that make the difference. 

Perhaps our claim shouldn't be about laundry and linen services, but rather about being the best in the business at recruiting new talent and cultivating existing talent.  Ultimately, marketing and hype are nothing but empty promises if you don't have the right team to deliver the goods. 

At K-Bro, we pull out all the stops to attract and retain the best people with the highest degree of integrity, commitment, creativity and dedication.  With those strengths in hand, we provide an environment where people at all levels can learn, teach, share, and contribute to the growth of their career and the success of K-Bro and its customers. Perhaps the best indicator of our commitment to these values is demonstrated by the fact that much of our management team is made up of people who began their career with K-Bro in front-line positions well over a decade ago.