Production Supervisor (Toronto)

Post Date: 10/09/2021

Salary Range: $53,000

Type of Placement: Full Time Permanent


Main Responsibilities

· On a daily basis ensure staffing levels are adequate within the department and document staff attendance and overtime.

· Notify HR if employees are absent.

· Ensure all areas and equipment in the department is operational.

· Organize and prioritize workstations.

· Control the flow of linen production in department.

· Ensure all production is completed according to schedule and in order of priority.

· Communicate regularly with Management and other departments to ensure all departments are aware of linen flow needs in a timely manner (i.e. Iron Department is running out of Flannel Sheets-high demand item).

· Prioritize all specialized requests.

· Oversee the quality of linen processing.

· Ensure employees are maintaining department quotas.

· Re-assign staff to ensure minimal production interruptions.

· Organize sufficient cover off for all breaks.

· Meet with Supervisors from Washfloor, Cart Make-up and KOR to foresee possible shortages and develop plan to ensure they are minimal.

· Oversee shortages and ensure they are fast tracked.

· Document all down-time and production numbers.

· Observe and note all safety violations.

· Responsible for the safety of all personnel in the department.

· Perform any other assigned tasks as requested by the Production and Operations Manager.

Position Summary

The Production Supervisor will be reporting to the Production Manager on day to day production operations. Assisting the Production Manager in planning, scheduling, mentoring, managing the absenteeism of the employees

Job Skills Required

Knowledge Skills and Ability:

· Interpersonal skills, team player.

· Strong communication skills both verbal and written.

· Ability to analyze, prioritize and multi-task.

· Exceptional organizational and decision making skills.

· Strong organizational and decision making skills.


· This position is located in a production plant environment and office environment.

· Requires continual standing, walking, stretching, lifting, pushing, pulling and repetitive motion.

· B vaccination is recommended and provided.

· Constant exposure to noise from machines in the plant.

· Constant exposure to “moving” equipment – must be alert at all times.

· Constant exposure to noise from machines in the plant.

· Constant exposure to lint/dust particles in the air.

· Intermittent exposure to heat and humidity generated from equipment.

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