K‑Bro has decades of experience meeting the needs of airlines, hotels, passenger rail, and remote camps.  While the range and quality of textiles used by each customer varies widely, they all share an equal need for cost effective, consistent and reliable laundry services.  Decades of experience, continual reinvestment in leading edge equipment and extensive quality assurance programs combine to make K‑Bro the number one choice of the hospitality industry in Canada.

As a K‑Bro customer, here’s what you can expect:

  • A customer service representative who will meet with your key department managers on a regular basis to understand expectations and ensure they’re met.
  • All K‑Bro plants operate 365 days per year to ensure maximum service continuity.
  • A variety of packaging and delivery models designed to maximize logistics efficiency and reduce your costs.
  • In addition to processing customer owned linen, we process a multimillion dollar inventory of our own linen rental inventory and as a result we are highly focused on maximizing textile lifespan.
  • Reliability. K‑Bro invests more in built-in equipment redundancies than any other laundry service provider in Canada. Our track record of uninterrupted service speaks for itself.
  • Economic fairness. K‑Bro enjoys unmatched economies of scale in Canada. That combined with our training programs and continual reinvestment in state-of-the-art equipment ensures we operate as efficiently as possible and remain competitive for years to come.
  • Environmental stewardship. K‑Bro’s large modern plants typically consume less than half the heat, water, and energy of an in-house or small commercial laundry. These variables combined with a companywide commitment to reducing our environmental impact has netted K‑Bro the coveted Clean Green Certification.

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