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Care providers rely on healthcare linens to support daily patient care journeys. Over the course of their lives, millions of people will feel K-Bro linens within a healthcare setting. K-Bro understands the essential nature of dependable hygienically clean linens to better healthcare outcomes. It’s an honour and a great responsibility that hospitals and medical care facilities rely on K-Bro to provide their linen services, 365 days a year. As the market leader for laundry services, linen rental and management in Canada and across Scotland and North of England, K-Bro delivers the highest standards in hygiene while contributing to a sustainable future.

Because so many depend on us.


  • Provincial Health Authorities and Organizations
  • Hospitals and Clinics
  • Assisted Living and Long Term Care Facilities
A happy K-Bro employee with operating room bundles
  • Market leader

    for laundry services, linen rental and management in Canada and across Scotland and North of England

  • Custom solutions

    for healthcare, operating room sterilization, cleanroom, hospitality and industry

  • Experts in hygiene

    ensuring hygienically clean linen to the highest standards

  • Energy efficient

    through investment in technologies that conserve water and reduce energy consumption

  • Committed to a sustainable future

    by putting people first, being dependable partners and embracing environmental stewardship

  • Dependable customer service

    from our experienced team that understands your business

K-Bro is essential to the continuity of our customer’s operations — and to the millions of people our linens touch daily. Optimal service, cost efficiency, environmental stewardship and innovation are at our core. We are proud to be referred to in a single word…


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Cost-Efficient, Reliable Programs

Close collaboration with our customers has led to the development of laundry and linen management systems specifically tailored to meet the requirements of each facility. From basic service to fit-for-purpose configurations, K‑Bro will customize a program to meet your laundry and linen service requirements.

K-Bro Linen manager Ryo overlooking the production floor

We avoid a ‘one size fits all’ approach and will provide a tailored service to suit each customer’s requirements. Every K-Bro customer has a Customer Servicer Representative to ensure ongoing support and that all customer needs are met.

Throughout the seemingly endless challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, K-Bro executed on every single delivery commitment to our healthcare customers. We continuously adhered to our stringent disinfection protocols while increasing service frequencies to ensure frontline workers had all necessary supplies to operate safely.

With seven decades of experience and innovation, we bring a wealth of experience and tools to our healthcare laundry solutions, including anti-viral cleaning products, re-usable barrier gowns and innovative garments designed specifically for healthcare providers.

And more than ever, we remain committed to continuous improvement, adopting best practices and implementing the best available technologies throughout our company. Above all else we are deeply committed to supporting our customers time after time, 365 days a year.

Hygienically Clean Linen to the Highest Standards

K-Bro is acutely aware of the importance of hygienically clean linen to better patient care outcomes. With decades of experience, we have enhanced our processes to deliver accountable, precision inspected clean linen services to the highest standards. We adhere to the CSA standards governing healthcare facilities and have engineered each pack-room with dedicated HVAC systems, equipped with air exchanges creating positive airflow. Select K-Bro locations are also outfitted with sterilization capabilities, enabling us to provide turnkey solutions for a range of sterile needs including operating rooms, emergency rooms, and ICUs.


  • Purpose-designed gowns and drapes
  • Tertiary clean room products
  • Customizable packs
  • Bulk surgical linen
  • Sterile services (Vancouver & Lower Mainland and Toronto & Central Ontario)
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K-Bro Linen truck

Dependable Healthcare Laundry Tracking

Using ABS, a world leader in developing laundry and linen ERP software, we track garments each time they enter or leave a K-Bro pack room or cleanroom, creating a full audit history of their circulation. Key barrier items such as surgical gowns and drapes are tagged with their own unique bar-code. On every pass through the quality control stage — and again at the pack preparation stage — we scan each one, creating a record of who specifically inspected and prepared each item.

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K-Bro Linen commercial washer

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Value & Sustainability

K-Bro is the market leader in healthcare and hospitality laundry and linen services in Canada, Scotland and the North of England. Our decades of experience and economies of scale enable us to optimize energy and water use, source materials at reduced rates and maximize operational efficiencies, all supporting cost savings for our customers.

We’re Making A Difference

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Putting people first, being dependable partners and embracing environmental stewardship have always been part of our culture. K-Bro’s circular business model keeps high-quality products in use for longer, while reducing natural resource consumption, and offers sustainable alternatives to single-use or disposable products. K-Bro invests in highly energy efficient technology from world-class manufacturers to reduce water and energy consumption supporting sustainable cost efficient solutions for our customers.

For over 7 decades
K‑Bro processes & delivers laundry

365 days a year