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We’re proud of our seven decade history

K-Bro focuses on delivering industry-leading service as we embrace our responsibilities to society as a good corporate citizen – supporting the communities in which we operate, providing a great place to work and being a dependable partner for all our stakeholders.

K-Bro’s circular business model provides an essential service while prioritizing environmental stewardship and reducing pressure on natural resources. Our circular model keeps high-quality products in use for longer, while reducing natural resource consumption, and offers sustainable alternatives to single-use or disposable products.

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Putting people first, being dependable partners and embracing environmental stewardship have always been part of our culture.


are terms that are significant to our team and form the basis of our pillars to help us engage with stakeholders around sustainability.

Sustainability Report

  • Sustainability program oversight from K-Bro’s Board of Directors
  • Enterprise-wide ESG team that includes diverse subject matter experts
  • Stakeholders engagement around material topics, priorities and goals
  • Monitoring and responding to trends and changes that may impact the business
  • Developing and implementing a long-term sustainability strategy
  • Circular business model that prioritizes environmental stewardship and reduces pressure on natural resources
  • Sustainable alternative to single-use or disposable products
  • Efficient technology to reduce greenhouse gas emissions, energy use and waste
  • Sourcing linen products through suppliers who share our values
  • Implementing responsible procurement and supplier diversity practices
  • Recognized for enterprise-wide women gender diversity
  • Workplace diversity and commitment to equality throughout recruitment, development and retention initiatives
  • Building deep relationships within our communities and supporting local priorities
  • Taking care of our employees’ health, safety and wellbeing
  • Enhancing training and career development
  • Sustainability program oversight from K-Bro’s Board of Directors
  • ESG Steering Committee that manages day-to-day responsibilities
  • Enterprise-wide ESG team that includes diverse subject matter experts
  • Accountable leads for each of the environment, social and governance pillars to quarterback specific goals and initiatives
  • Corporate policies and procedures to support ethics, integrity and compliance

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